GRACE Fund Positioning Device at RSCH

GRACE have donated a Uterine Positioning System to the Royal Surrey County Hospital at the cost of £11,500.

The Ally Uterine Positioning System (UPS) is the latest device in a comprehensive range of positioning devices made by Cooper Surgical Inc, a leading American manufacturer of medical devices, which helps gynaecologists to position and support the uterus when performing hysterectomy and other complex gynaecological surgery.

The Ally UPS is extremely well matched for use with the Da Vinci surgical robot by offering a fully adjustable flexible range of movement of the uterus, combined with the ability to fix it in a stable position quickly and easily during surgery. Use of the device means that a junior doctor or trained surgical assistant does not need to hold an instrument during surgery, and indeed, never gets tired or moves! The Gynae-oncology team at the Royal Surrey in Guildford have pioneered the use of the Da Vinci robot in the UK and are one of the leading teaching centres in Europe.

They Ally Uterine Positioning System

They Ally Uterine Positioning System

Ally UPS