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Hosting or attending a GRACE Tea Party helps raise money to beat gynaecological cancer, and is a great excuse to dine out in style, or host an informal coffee morning or drinks evening too!

Taking part couldn’t be easier – all you need to do is follow our guide.


Host Your Own Tea Party

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FInd a venue

either at home or in a local restaurant or coffee shop

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as many friends or colleagues as you can muster

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Boil the Kettle

get the coffee on and chill the wine. You could even serve cocktails!

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Add Cake

Ensure there are plenty of cakes and or cream teas/scones, or biscuits

Raise Money

Generate some ideas to help raise funds – raffles; donations; auctions; cake sale

Have Fun!

Have a great time while helping GRACE with our quest to beat Ovarian Cancer

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Set a date, time and venue for your GRACE Tea Party and work out the best sort of format for your event. It doesn’t have to be a tea party either. You could always have a themed drinks evening instead. The most important thing is using it to raise vital awareness of Ovarian Cancer with you your friends and/or colleagues.


Add a touch of lilac colour to finish – some ideas to get you started...

• Some lovely spring time flowers

• Pretty ribbon tied around vases

• Wear something purple and ask your guests to do the same