Cervical Cancer

Cervical Cancer

what is cervical cancer?

There are about 3200 new cases diagnosed each year. 900 of these women will die from the disease. This cancer is the most common cancer in women under the age of 35. Fortunately, it is being detected earlier thanks to the success of the UK screening and vaccination programmes. However, incidences will rise as only 75% of women take up screening and HPV vaccination. The risk of cervical cancer is doubled if you smoke.

key signs & symptoms

• Vaginal bleeding between periods

• Bleeding after sexual intercourse and pain

• Vaginal bleeding after the menopause

• A smelly vaginal discharge

Early stage cervical cancer may have no symptoms so it is vital to go for your screening. It is important to report any of the above symptoms to your GP for investigation. For more detailed information, please contact us.

Cervical Cancer Prevention Week - 21st - 27th January 2019 

Cervical Screening Awareness Week - 10th - 16th June 2019 

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