Jill Conquers Sydney Harbour Bridge

Jill after completing her Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb on behalf of GRACE

A huge congratulations to Jill who completed her Sydney Harbour Bridge climb in support of GRACE last week.

She said: “The weather forecast for the day was for storms but the morning was fine. There were huge electrical storms from 6pm so I was lucky. Climbing the arch of the bridge was wonderful and the views stunning but getting to the arch was very frightening because you have to climb 5/6 vertical ladders after threading your self through the bridge structure . At this stage I was approx. 150 ft up.  I was the oldest in the group but managed the steps more easily than some. This vertical climb is over lanes 7 and 8 of the traffic going over the bridge and coming down the other side you are directly over the railway. 

Once I started the arch climb I could relax and enjoy the stunning views. We were in radio contact with our guide and had an interesting factual commentary on the building of the bridge.  However, it was extremely windy and when you cross over at the top by the flag, you are on open metal grating. 

I am so pleased I have done this for GRACE and it looks like I may reach £1000. I am thrilled and amazed at the support I have received from friends and family which has been astonishing and also from people in the tour group. One man was actually a just-retired gynaecologist which is very appropriate.”

A big thank you to Jill for raising funds for GRACE.

Jill in front of the Bridge Climb sign at Sydney Harbour Bridge fundraising on behalf of GRACE